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Yuletide fics!
d&d roll
Received three very lovely, incredibly awesome fics for Yuletide this year! So much reading goodness.

Elenium/Tamuli, male!Aphrael/Talen, genderswitch, NC-17 - Experience
OK, he might have liked to have experimented with men or, indeed, anyone, before he’d married, and still thought it was incredibly unfair that through his hormone-charged teenage years he’d been unknowingly under the thumb of his practically omnipotent future wife and over-protective future father-in-law, but he was married now, and had no interest in dallying with anyone except his wife.

Elemium/Tamuli, male!Aphrael/Talen, genderswap, PG - The Thief and the Hawk
Talen had always been aware of the way Hawk looked at him.

Hellboy, Hellboy/John, PG - Exported People, Expatriated Cats
In which John Myers goes to Antarctica, shocks Hellboy and adopts a kitten.


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